Friday, March 14, 2008

Easter Programme - 14 March 2008

This Pack Meeting is our last for the term as we now have school holidays until mid April.

It was Kendra's 11th birthday - being Easter, her birthday as well as her last day as a Cub we allowed her to wear her "bunny ears for the meeting.
One of our Cub Moms very generously organised an Easter Raffle for us and donated all the prizes! Isn't that just wonderful. These are the stunning prizes and later on you will see who the winners are....
Our first game was the 'egg and spoon' race. The leader responsible to bring these had unfortunately left them on her dining room table and there was no time to go back and collect. But as Baden Powell has taught us "be prepared" .... so here we are having the egg and spoon race with spoons that we have in the den and film canisters!

These were not the easiest to carry on a spoon!

This is one of the Scouts that always comes down early - and we rope him in to help us! (Pardon the pun!) Here he has quickly shown the Cubs a Jury Mast Knot - this is not a knot we teach the Cubs!

Here the Cubs are tyring to learn the Sheet Bend!

Hooray! at last a Sheet Bend!
We teach them the uses of a Sheet Bend and if time permits, play an interactive game involving the different knots.
Practise makes perfect!
Being Easter soon we had to do an Easter Craft!
This beautiful little Easter Basket I found on the internet. Here the cubs are personalising it!

Making pretty!

Fluffy pink bunnies - getting ready for those Easter Eggs!

Colouring in complete - ready for cutting out!

Busy, busy, busy! Cubs at Work!

Our finished product!
The cubs were sent out to find where the "Easter Bunny" had hidden the eggs and put them in their specially made baskets!

Of course, the Easter Bunny always leaves extra for sisters and brothers and here the cubs are rounding up those!

Happy Birthday Kendra!
She brought everyone a little cake!

..... and here is James singing Happy Birthday to Kendra in 3 different languages! In Zulu, Afrikaans and English. Well done James!
In South Africa we have 11 official languages!
Now before we go any further, I must explain the quality of the photos! My photographer - a scout (need I say more!) was getting a little adventurous with the settings. So that is the reason for some being okay and some being blurred and also for the lack of some!
And here are our prizewinners!
1st prize went to a ticket sold by John!
Well done!
2nd Prize went to Shavannah

... and 3rd Prize went to a ticket sold by James!
We are very proud of all our cubs for trying to hard to sell all their raffle tickets to raise funds for a worthy cause. Well Done guys!
This year - for the first time - we participated in the Thinking Day - Postcard Exchange. Brownies and Girl Scouts trade postcards with others around the World. This is pretty awesome and I sent out about 40 postcards to some weird and wonderful places! In return I received the most wonderful postcards which we read to all the Cubs and now have pinned to the back wall. This is just a reminder that no matter where in the world you are, the spirit of Scouting is alive!
Till next Time
Keep Cubbing
Akela Joy

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  1. luv the post card idea. have fun reading them!