Saturday, March 08, 2008

"Stick 'em up!"

Our Cubs came fully dressed to the Pack Meeting in Cowboy outfits. They truly looked fantastic and after opening we had them walking around the 'ranch' for us to choose the best dressed! (This was not easy.)
As they arrived we started taking pictures....

.... our young model in action!

Cowgirls at their best!

Our Steam Release game was called "The Hiss of the Snake" and broadly based on the game whereby one cub is on and has to catch the other who must stand still until another cub crawls through his legs to 'free' him.

Cowboy James looking for his next victim!

Next up was Advancement and we broke into Cheetah, Leopard, Lions and Leaping Wolves. I do the Leaping Wolves and these 3 are my responsibility. On the way to do our Instruction they first of all had to go and "look for crabs"!!!!!!
..... and what would Cubs be if we didn't have lots of fun!

We did the Scouts Pace which is teaching them how to conserve energy. BP knew all about how the early trackers in Africa were able to cover great distances because they used to run a short way then walk a while, then run again and walk - always taking care to breath through their noses. They also knew exactly how long it would take them to walk/run 1km and in doing so they could estimate how long any distance would take them.

During Instruction Time, the Leaping Wolves threw a ball 15 metres and did 35 push ups.

These are the Lions and they learnt how to say a Prayer and Stranger Danger.

The young Cheetahs learnt all about the Outdoor Code.
Here in South Africa our Outdoor Code is:
"I will do my best to protect and care for the wildlife, trees and flowers;
I will do my best to keep the countryside, roads and beaches free of litter."

Listening to a Cowboy Yarn.

Being boys!

Another Game we played - "protect the livestock" whereby the cubs had to use their "guns" to shoot the stock thieves. Each cub had to stand at a pre-determined mark and shoot at 500ml coke bottles with water pistols. This was great fun!

The green team protecting their livestock!

Two fashionable cowboys ... on the lookout!

Our next game was "pin the nose on the cowboy".
Here we had a beautiful picture of "Woody" from Toy Story and different types of noses. Some were big, some were small, some were elephant noses, one belonged to Pinocchio - so they really were funny!

... and all our cubs did extremely well....

..... I wonder if they were peeping.....

..... I don't think so as all our cubs are such angels! .....

Just look at them!

For our craft section the cubs made special "Sheriff" and "Deputy" badges as well as moustaches that they proudly wore.

The Cowboy / Cowgirl Crew....

As part of our National Cub Challenge we shall be running a Tuck Shop to raise funds for the underpriviledged packs in Mpumalanga. Please support us in our endeavour to raise funds for Badges for these Packs.
Till next Time
Keep Cubbing
Akela Joy

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