Friday, July 18, 2008

Knights in Shining Armour!

Hello there - it is so good to be back after so many weeks holiday!
This week our theme was "Knights in Shining Armour"

Our Steam Release game was a quick "stick in the mud" game whereby the Knights had to ride around on their horses being chased by commoners.

We then went straight in making shields and swords.

The shields are very simple to make - cardboard cut 30cm x 30cm and shaped into a shield. We spray-painted these silver and black on the front.
As you can see handles were made out of cardboard and pasted onto the back of the shield.

Dragon pictures were printed and the cubs could choose which dragon they wanted on their shield. This they cut out and pasted onto the shield.

The swords were made with bamboo cut to about 60cm long. We also took a coke bottle and cut off the top section and then "threaded" the bambdoo through the lid of the bottle. This gave a handle effect.

Our Knights in shining armour!

This red dragon seemed to be the most popular!

Showing off their stunning shields and swords.

Cubs just do not stand still for 2 seconds - going wild!

Doing what Knights do best!

..... and some more......

Pull, ..... pull, ..... pull !

It doesn't always go according to plan!

Then we changed it a bit which added a touch of excitement. Each team had to stand at their side of the rope. On the "go" signal they had to swap sides, pick up the rope and pull. This was great fun!

We then went into Instruction and "my" Leaping Wolves were doing the Knotting Board.

The beginnings of a great looking knotting board.

..... and the Cheetahs planted some flowers!

As I drove home at 18h15, I noticed that the moon was full - looking spectacular. This is a photo taken over my side wall, and over the neighbours house - but you can still see the stunning sight!
Today we also started reading our book "My Side of the Mountain" - on which I will base our Pack Camp in October.
Just a reminder:
Hike at Rietvlei on the 9th August.
Till next Time
Keep Cubbing
Akela Joy

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  1. Hello Akela Joy!

    Thanks for visiting our group blog and for your encouraging note. Your website is also very interesting and your pack seems to be having so much fun, doing crafts!

    Do keep in touch. I've put a link to your website on ours. Scout on! - Fiery Serpent (Soaring Eagles Scout Group)