Saturday, July 26, 2008

Where are the Clowns? 25th July 2008

One of our "New Chums" was invested today.....
...... and it is always special to have one of the parents put their cap on their head.

New Chum and Akela saluting the Pack.

Our theme during this pack meeting was "Clowning Around".
Our Steam Release game was great fun whereby cubs were paired off and had to stand back to back in relay formation. On the whistle, they had to run to a pre-determined mark and back.

Our 2nd quick game entailed the cubs running around and on the whistle they had to stop dead still but pull a "clown face"
The cubs loved this!

Our craft for the day was making these gorgeous balancing clowns.

The cubs first of all coloured in the pictures of the clowns. Stuck them to thick cardboard and placed coins at the bottom where the clown's hands are.

As you can see, they balance perfectly!

Dancing Clowns!

Here the Clowns were walking the tightrope - blindfolded!

Doing it a different way.....

A Pack of Clowns!
Till next Time
Keep Crafting
Akela Joy
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