Tuesday, September 20, 2011

District Cub Camp - September 2011

Cubbing Fun - from beginning to end!

Our District Cub Camp was held last weekend and over 60 cubs enjoyed this fun-filled event together with about 15 leaders.
I have randomly selected some photos - just a very few of the millions I take - but unfortunately cannot upload them all...

All "countries" arriving with their flags...

.... and welcome to China ...

and then it was on to Germany

"tikka, takka, tikka, takka"

"oi, oi, oi"

(or something similar!)

and then it was on to Brazil

My camera battery went flat here so missed a few photos....

but just look at this - what a wonderful example for inspection. They earned full marks and deserved every point! These guys were exceptional! Well done to their Akela!

and then on to Switzerland to do some tobogganing

and the archery of William Tell

some "ice hockey" with a difference

camp flag (inside a bottle top)

and of course the wonderful chocolate ....

Next was the USA and what better way to start with the Statue of Liberty herself!

soap carving

and then lots of adventure through the different states..

gold mining

and we closed off with the Cubs doing the Cubs Own.

What a wonderful camp!

Till next Time

Keep Cubbing

Akela Joy

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