Friday, November 04, 2011

Guy Fawkes - 4th November

The rain did not dampen our spirits and we once again improvised - and the cubs (and scouts) had great fun!

We started off by investing 5 new chums!

(these three guys transferred from another pack)

... and the rain was still pouring down so we decided to play indoor hockey....

Everyone having a great time!

and the rain still poured down!

and time for a new game!

port, bow, starboard, torpedo, etc.....

the cubs loved this as they had to take cover, or climb onto things ....

I can just see them asking for this game at the next Sixer Council Meeting!

It is good to let the cubs and scouts mingle and get to know one another....

and at last .... no rain for 30 minutes and in that time we quickly had a campfire.

Till next Time

Keep Cubbing

Akela Joy

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