Friday, November 11, 2011

Survivor - 11th November 2011

What a privilege it was today to have a group of young people join us from Delmas. They are hoping to start up a Cup Pack in that area and joined us today for some fun!

Our theme this week was "survivor" and we were stranded on the island of Mauritius!

(I wouldn't mind being stranded on this island!)

Our steam release game had the cubs running around looking for a colourful item found on the island. This put them into their teams.

Just before our meeting, some of the cubs did the Chess Interest Badge.

.... and it was then time for lots of fun!!!

Cubs had to spin the wheel and eat whatever it landed on... there were rancid rats, juicy worms, dead ducks, and the like!

some of the dead ducks did not taste so good!

another base was for knotting....

a simple ball game ...

and the next base was trying the hit the bottle off the bench with a ball.

Each bottle had a number written on it and totals were tallied.

Tug of War ...

What a lovely programme - thanks for the fold who arrived from Delmas to join us - please join us again!

Till next Time

Keep Cubbing

Akela Joy

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