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Concrete Jungle - 27th January 2011

Today we learnt about the "concrete jungle" and that we must not talk to strangers in this big world of ours!

We started off by playing "brothers" but had to adapt it slightly as our pack has grown in leaps and bounds!

The Pack is in 2 equal circles, one inside the other. Cubs are paired off, one inside and one outside. Each pair is known as brothers/sisters. The inside circle faces left, the outside right. On ‘go’, all run around until the signal, and then they must find their ‘brother/sister’. As the brothers/sisters find each other, they must stand at the alert, salute each other and shake hands correctly.
We must always remember to keep safe no matter where we go ...

Cubs listening to a yarn.

Because this was an interactive yarn the cubs had to stand up and yell on the top of their voices - woke the neighbourhood for sure!

Our next game was "getting to know your neighbours"

The Pack sits in a circle on chairs. One Cub is ‘It’. His/her chair is removed and he/she stands in the centre. ‘It’ asks one of the players ‘how do you like your neighbour?’ The Cub then replies ‘I don’t like him/her’. ‘It’ then asks ‘who do you prefer?’ The Cub replies with the names of two Cubs in the circle. The two Cubs named may then change places, ‘It’ endeavouring to capture one of the seats. Alternatively, the Cub addressed may answer, ‘I like him/her – but I am going to move!’ This is a signal for everyone to change places. If ‘It’ obtains possession of a chair, the Cub left out becomes ‘It’.

It is always special to have a friend and find time to play!

Playing a ball game with friends.

Cubs always have fun!

Happy faces...

Time for instruction and the cubs learnt about "Stranger Danger" today.

Connor brought along his go-cart that he and his dad had made.

He told us all about how they had gone about making the go-cart and then offered 1 person a ride.

The lucky participant was Katia.

Tomorrow is the Gala - see you all there!

Till next Time

Keep Cubbing

Akela Joy

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