Friday, January 20, 2012

Guide Dog Visit - 20th January 2012

We had a very special visitor today - Ntini - our new Guide Dog!

But first we had to say goodbye to Imrani who joined us for Grand Howl!
More about these wonderful guide dogs a bit later...

We started on an Interest Badge and got all the cubs painting an empty tin early in the pack meeting so that it could dry.

Beautiful colours .... for girls......

and this was going to be used for the "useful article".

9th Benoni Cubs have so far sponsonred 2 guide dogs - Imrani being our second one and Ike being the first one.

Alice and Nico brought along Imrani to say goodbye and introduce us to our new puppy Ntini.

Unfortunately Imrani has hip problems and is not suitable to be a guide dog - what a pity.

Nico told the cubs all about it.....

whilst the guide dogs sat patiently ....

and then we had a special ceremony whereby the 9th Benoni scarf was transferred from Imrani to Ntini.... how special is that?

Photo shoot!

Ntini - Ninth's guide dog.

Some special time together...

and then back to decoratin the tins that were now dry...

The cubs were asked what these tins could be used for and some of the answers were mind boggling - utensils, pens, bullets!

The second part of the interest badge was a lovely book mark made from a paper clip which we started .......

Fun at the first meeting!

Till next Time

Keep Cubbing

AKela Joy

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