Friday, March 23, 2012

No Problem - 23 March 2012

Cubs were asked to bring groceries to help out a family in need - this is just some of the goodies collected! Thank you to everyone who helped with this Good Turn - we are sure the family will eat well for some time!
Our theme for the programme today was "No Problem"..... in other words - no problem in providing a solution or finding an answer....
Cubs had to look around the cub hall for an item that is not normally there - once they spot it, they must just sit down - and not say a word.
It took some time but eventually everyone saw the old fashioned compass.
It was then time for Instruction.
and then some FUN!
We divided the cubs up into their Sixes and gave them each the following puzzles to solve:
1. Pick up a mug without using your hands - all they are given is a balloon and a mug.
They were asked to discuss them amongst themselves and try and find the solution.
The next puzzle was to "walk through a piece of paper"
the third puzzle was very interesting.
Take 2 tables and put them together. Take your shoes off and jump over them.
We had the boys wanting to jump over the 2 table and it took quite some repeating of the statement to get them to understand the it.
However, the girls just knew straight away what to do...
AFter all that thinking it was time for some fun..

We said goodbye to 4 of our cubs..... good luck and all the best on your scouting journey
Introducing them to the Troop Scouter
Being invested into the Troop
What a wonderfu evening!
Till next Time
Keep Cubbing
Akela Joy

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