Friday, November 09, 2012

I wanna be an astronaut - 9th November 2012

Fun in the sun - walking on the moon!
You can't go into space alone - you will always need a team of people to back you up in every situation.
Steam Release:  Astronaut Teams
Cubs run around.  When the whistle blows the cubs must stop and listen for a number and then they must get themselves into teams of that particular number.
 Of course astronauts have to be extremely fit when going to the  moon!
Relay Game:  Fitness Training
Cubs in relay formation behind a rope.  10 m away are 3 items - a skipping rope, a bean bag and a ball. On the word 'go' cubs run up, skip 10 times, bounce the ball 10 times and throw the bean bag in the air 10 tens - then run back to their Six and the next cub has a turn.

 A lot of learning takes place to become an Astronaut - and it is time for instruction!
Cubs broke up into their groups of Caracal, Cheetah, Leopard and Lion groups.
 Here the they are doing bottle gardens

 while the Caracals are learning how to cross the road safely
 Leopards did knotting

 and Lions did knotting as well.
 We had some pirates around from 1st Benoni!!
 and a quick trial walk on the moon was required!

 Cubs then had the opportunity to paint their moon boots before having fun walking on the moon.

Be careful when you go into space that you don't come back with anything weird.
Circle Game:  Space Bug
Cubs stand in a circle.  to start the game pass the space bug (bean bag) around the circle.  When the whistle is blown the cub with the space bug has caught the virus and goes to the medical centre and misses a turn by sitting down.  Stand up when well again.

Till next Time
Keep Cubbing
Akela Joy

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