Saturday, November 03, 2012

I wanna be a Sailor - 2 November 2012

Off on a cruise - oh what fun to sail the seven seas!
 Steam Release:  Ships on the Ocean
Divide cubs into 4 groups - each in a corner of the playing field with the exception of 2 standing in the middle of the field representing torpedoes.  Each corner represents a country and the players are ships.  the idea is that on the word 'go' two lots of ships change places (eg India to Australia).  While they are crossing the ocean, the torpedoes touch as many as they can.  The players touched have to drop to the floor.
 Oh no!  Hit by a torpedo and the ship is sinking - what shall we do - the waves are so big!
 Team Game:  Over under
Players stand behind one another in two teams.  The one in front passes a balloon over his head and the second one passes it under his feet.  This continues alternately until the end of the line when the last player runs to the front and continues until all players have changed places.
 The waves have broken our ship into little pieces!
 Handcraft:  Making our own sailing boats
 We need to get onto the life boat - quick!
 Players sit opposite each other with their legs out straight feet touching - like a ladder.  They are in the ship and it is capsizing.  Each pair of players is numbered off.  If their number is called they stand up and race to the end of the row on the outside and run back to their place on the inside mining not to step on any ones legs back to their place.

 Survival Training is urgently needed - time for instruction!
 The Caracals learns about how to answer a phone properly!

 Whilst the Cheetahs did some Feats of Skill

 and the Lions did knotting

 Now that we are all back on the raft again - lets celebrate with a song.
Cubs learnt and sang
My bonnie lies over the ocean!

 /Cute cub photo - from 4th Benoni

Till next Time
Keep Cubbing
Akela Joy

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