Friday, March 08, 2013

Rescue 10111 at 1st Kempton - 8th March 2013

Paramedics, Firemen and Policemen are people we all look up to and respect.  Let's have a look at a day in the life of a policeman.
 Steam Release:  Highway Chase.  All Sixers are runaway drunken drivers.  The rest of the pack must catch them and bring them to Akela.
 Drunken driver being caught
 What do we need to have when we have an emergency?  Bagheera talking to the cubs about their Emergency Kits
 Handcraft:  Cubs make their own emergency kits.

 We can hear the helicopter coming to the accident to help the injured
 Active Game :  Helicopter Jump  2litre bottle on long rope which gets swung around.  Cubs must jump over it.

 There are many emergency situations that happen
 Play Acting:  Each Six is given an emergency situation and will need to mime it for the rest of the pack.

  there has been an accident at cubs and you need to call for assistance
 Circle Game:  cubs sit in a circle and are numbered.  Two cubs having the same numbers.  When that number is called they run in a clockwise fashion and back to their original position and in to the centre. First one there gets to make the emergency call
 While we waiting for the paramedics, lets practice the Recovery Position

 ..... and yet another cub is invested into 1st Kempton


Cubs acting out their emergency situations.

Till next Week
Keep Cubbing
Akela Joy

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