Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Akela's Cubs - Promise and Law Programme


Normal Grand Howl for opening and closing (20 mins)

Today we are going to find out how to keep our Promise!
STEAM RELEASE:  Find those words  (5 mins)
On the playing ground scatter the words to The Promise on coloured paper as per Six.  Cubs must find the words that are on the same coloured paper as the Six they are in.  

Once they have found the words, in their Six they can sit together and put The Promise together (5 mins)

What does it mean when we say the Cub Promise?
Explanation of the Promise and Law.  (10 mins)
Explain the different parts of the Promise and Law and what it means.  Discuss briefly how we can keep the Promise and Law.

Do you think you can put The Promise together by yourselves now?  Let's try
RELAY GAME:   (15 mins)
In their Sixes, cubs run up and put the words to the Promise together

Now let's see if we can remember the Cub Law
TEAM GAME:  Ladder game
Divide into 2 teams.  Cubs sit facing each other with legs outstretched touching.  Number two cubs with the same number.  On calling a number those two cubs jump up and run to the bottom of the ladder.  One cub says "A Cub gives in to the Old Wolf:  the other cub replies "A Cub does not give in to himself:  after which both run up the ladder to their places.

Because you know your Promise and Law so well you are rewarded with a treat!
ACTIVITY:  Happy Face (15 mins)
Cubs are given biscuits to decorate with icing

Do you remember the Cub Promise?
Un Muddle Me:  (5 mins)
In their Sixes the cubs are given words out of The Promise.  On the word 'go' they cubs hunt for their proper place in the sentences.  First Six finished wins.

Till next Time
Keep Cubbing
Akela Joy


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