Sunday, August 03, 2014

New Chums - learning the Handshake, Salute and Grand Howl


Normal Grand Howl for opening and closing.  (20 Minutes)

Do you know that there are Cub Scouts all over the world - just like you and me?  How many of you have heard of a place called England?  Where the Queen lives....  I am sure you might have heard of some of these famous places.
STEAM RELEASE GAME:  Friendship Fun  (5 minutes)
Cubs run around and when given a command they must act accordingly.
Big Ben - stand still
Buckingham Palace - march like a soldier
Crystal Palace - run around the  hall
Covent Gardens - sing like an opera star

Even in Holland there are scouts - and what is Holland famous for - that's right, cheese!
RELAY GAME:  Rolling the Cheese  (10 Minutes)
In the Six's each cub is given a cheese (tennis ball) to gently roll to the other side.  They run after the ball and on arrival at the other side they must shake hands with the Pack Scouter who will hand him his cheese.  Cubs are shown the handshake before the game begins.

In all packs around the world they have a Totem Pole.  Let us make our very own Totem!
HANDCRAFT:  Totem tell all  (20 minutes)
Cubs to build their own Totem Pole using toilet roll inners - and decorate.

At the equator where it is very hot, water is very precious and we must not spill a drop.  Let us see if we can be that good!
TEAM GAME: Balloon burst (10 minutes)
Cubs join up in pairs.  Each pair is given a water balloon.  They pass to each other, taking a step back on each blow of the whistle.  Every time one breaks, that cub must go to Akela, salute and get a new balloon.
Cubs are taught how to salute before the game begins.

When we are with our friends we always remember to share - we remember that we are a Cub Scout
SENSE TRAINING :  Simply Sensational (15 minutes)
Cubs are blindfolded and allowed to taste different types of chocolates or sweets and they need to identify - eg:  Kit Kat, Crunchie, chocolate, smarties etc

Let's see what we learnt today
CIRCLE GAME:  Cubs are clever (10 minutes)
Each cub gets a chance to throw the dice that has been specially make by Akela.  Whatever it lands on the cub must stand up and to - it will either be :  Handshake,  Salute, Grand Howl, Promise, Law, Motto, or Smile!

If anyone would like to send me some programmes that have run well and that the Cubs have enjoyed, please do so - I am sure all Pack Scouters would welcome these!

Till next Time
Keep Cubbing
Akela Joy

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