Friday, February 09, 2007

Buzzing Bees - 9th February 2007

We welcomed a new adult leader into our Pack. Rebecca Hall (Bagheera) was invested as a Pack Helper and we wish her all the very best.

Rebecca being invested by our ADC - Kitty Sales.

Two our our Lions showing us how to tie knots!

One of our Leopards completed a compass exercise.

.... and here we have our Cheetahs having completed their Nature Ramble in Arrowe Park.
Today we leant some fascinating facts about bees! They are really quite remarkable little creatures. After playing a few outside games we ended off with this one which the cubs really enjoyed.
Feeding each other "royal jelly" but blindfolded!
You can see by their faces that they were having great fun!

Do you think he knew where that spoon was going?

Just look at that naughty smile!

This is certainly a game they enjoy no matter what the theme.

When this pair had finished, they had jelly from top to toe!
Hope to see you all back again next week.
Till then, keep cubbing
Akela Joy

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