Wednesday, February 28, 2007

District Cub Camp - 24/25 February 2007

What an AMAZING RACE we had this weekend!

45 Cub Scouts together with 10 Leaders joined together for a District Camp at Arrowe Park in Benoni.
We departed on an Air Seychelles flight - - - destination being Switzerland! Pilots, crew and Air Hostesses were top notch!
Our Pilot in action.
Take off!

We hit a bit of turbulence en-route and the Air Hostesses showed everyone the safety precaution of the "brace" position.

Our lovely ladies serving drinks to passengers in "1st Class" !

We travelled to many countries on the aeroplane and one of them was Australia where we made boomerangs.

Beautiful Switzerland was another stop-over where many challenges had to be completed.
Cubs are showing you the Swiss Chocolates they found, with only some of them having the "red Swiss Flag" on them.

Having fun in Switzerland.

Yet another mind-boggler....
After completing all the challenges in Switzerland and collecting one puzzle piece at each base, Cub Scouts had to put the puzzle pieces together to form the name of their Swiss Rescue Dog. Once these pieces were put in the correct order (as show above), the Cub Scouts could turn over the pieces, and wow.... the Swiss Flag appears.

... and it was off to Holland - famous for all their cheese.
We had fun rolling the cheese across pre-determined lines where points were awarded to teams who rolled their cheese between two ropes.
We decided that to visit Italy would not be the same if we did not have a bit of spaghetti to go with it! Here the Cub Scouts had to tie the longest "rope" to win. This was not as easy as it sounds..... you try and tie cooked spaghetti together!

.... and then it was off to Monaca for the Monte Carlo Grand Prix, courtesy of Ms Daisy.

Racing round the track....

just look at the concentration on the face.... but fun was had by all the participants.

Cubs will be cubs!

Enjoying themselves..... as all Cub Scouts do.

Cubs playing a Kim's Game and doing some serious "thinking"..

Each Cub Scout made their own fishing rod and did a little fishing in the dam. No fish were caught, but we did catch some .....

The crabs in Homestead Lake love biltong!

Arrowe Park, Benoni, South Africa at its best.

Campfire Circle, Arrowe Park, Benoni, South Africa.
A great place to bring Cub Scouts for any camp.
Till next time
Keep Cubbing
Akela Joy

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