Saturday, February 03, 2007

Cub Gala - 3rd February 2007

What a day we had! ..... great weather - great swimmers - great Akelas!... what more could we ask for.... and on top on that... 9th Benoni Bambanani won the annual District Gala.
The Swimming Team and the well deserved trophy.
The Kicker-Board race

We have a fun raft race whereby three cubs must push the tube and one must sit inside. The cubs love this race! These are our youngest cubs - the Cheetahs.

These are the next age up - the Leopards.

Our Novetly Race caused great excitement. Cubs had to tie a Reef Knot around their waist and around a tube and swim in a shallow pool to the other side; drop the tube and pick up a lighted sparkler and run back to the other side where a "loaded" gun (water pistol) would be waiting. They then had to wet three by-standers while returning to the other side of the pool.... You can just imagine how the cubs loved this activity!

The theme was James Bond 007 - and here we have our very own "007" with his lighted sparkler on his way to retrieve his weapon...

Every year we have a "cork-bobbing" race for every age group. Millions of corks are thrown into the water and once the whistle is blown, the cubs jump in and collect - by any means - as many corks as they can. They shove the corks in the costumes, in their caps, in their ears - all over! We then count who has collected the most corks.
Erin and Kendra very proudly holding the cups - with Balloo behind them.

.... and here we have a few of the boys with the cup!
to all our swimmers.
We are very proud of you all.
Till next week
Keep Cubbing
Akela Joy

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