Friday, August 08, 2008


Our programme this week was on how to be a great detective!

So we set about our detective work by playing our first game of "who am I".

An animal picture was pinned to the back of each cub. They paired up and could only "investigate" by asking questions as to what they were. Eg. Do I have fur? Do I fly? Do I bark? etc. etc.

Everyone had a good time trying to figure out who they were.
This was only the beginning of their detective work!

Next, they all listened to a yarn about a murder that had taken place in the jewellry store below where they lived. In his haste, the burglar / murderer had dropped his bag of stolen items - which of course, we had picked up the following morning!

So the next game was where all cubs were blindfolded while listening to the yarn and then they were handed the bag that the burglar had dropped. They had to feel inside and see what had been stolen.
Once everyone had had a chance, we asked what had been stolen and what was the murder weapon.

We then did wrote some "secret , invisible" letters.

..... and to see what what written or drawn, we used the hot iron to decipher a few!

Our next fun game was the Scavenger Hunt.
Everyone was racing around looking for clues!

This was a game done in Sixes and the first Six to the last clue was the winner!

The Leaping Wolf Group had to made a conservation stove. I had iced some water in these tins so that the cubs could hit nails into the sides without denting the tins.
Once the holes were in, they heated the ice and threw it away.
Candles were placed under the tin, and we made quick crumpets!
2 more chums were invested and here is Liam and Mom!

... and Quentin and his dad!
Welcome to both of you and we wish you a long and happy stay with us.
Till next Time
Keep Cubbing
Akela Joy

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