Saturday, November 22, 2008

Cubbing is Fun!

This week our meeting took place at the public swimming pool as we were practising for our annual gala!
Most of the cubs also completed their "swimming badge"

One of the races is where a mom has to dress up and be pushed across the pool on a raft. The year the picture was taken this mom had to hold a tray of cups very carefelly whilst 3 cubs pushed her across the pool.
This year, the mom must dress up as "Mother Christmas" - - - this should be fun!

I did not take photos at the pool on Friday and thought I would post some photos from past years...This is Baloo (Ruth) who now lives in Scotland. Hi, Ruth ... we still miss you terribly!

At one of our meetings last year, the cubs dressed up in Halloween outfits. We played a few games - one of which was "apple dunking". Have any of the Cub Leaders actually tried this game? It is not easy!

This photo was taken on a District Camp - "Around the World" and we "flew" everywhere in a jumbo jet! These were our delightful air hostesses!

Making fishing rods!

This is a fantastic game. Whilst cubs are busy in the hall, you start getting ready for the next game by telling the cubs to be very carefull where they walk. You deliberately tell them this knowing that they are watching you. Now, you place eggs all over the floor.
You chase the cubs outside and blindfold them!
You tell them now they have to walk through the mine field.
They of course are thinking that they will be walking on raw eggs ....... BUT whilst they have gone outside and are getting ready for the game, the other leaders have quickly picked up the eggs and placed "post toasties" on the floor.
As you can see from this photo, they think they are standing on the eggs!
It is hilarious!
Our cowboy programme!

Our open air chapel in Arrowe Park

Cubs having fun!

Face painting

out in the boats

doing craft work
Next week Friday is our end of the year party!
On Saturday 29th November is the annual district gala.
Will keep you posted.
Till then
Keep Cubbing
Akela Joy

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