Saturday, November 08, 2008


Our Cub Programme related to the movie Spiderman..... so we had great fun being "spiders"...
Our spider head gear!

Bread Spider - with a difference!
He unfortunately has legs coming out of his head!

Our first game was a quick run around. Cubs were put into their Sixes. Pieces of coloured paper - the same colour as their six - were hidden around the playing field. On 'go' they had to go down on all fours - just like a spider - and race around looking for them. First Six to find them all wins.

Doing well - and nearly finished.

Whilst listening to the Jundgle Story, one of our New Chums became quite creative and made a nature craft .... a beautiful flower made from dried up leaves!

Our handcraft this week was the spiderman head gear!
Ain't it too sweet!

Simple and easy to make....

.... and they can finish in no time at all.

Being a spider, one collects all sorts of food in the web...
Here we showed them 15 items that had caught in the web.... toothpast, soap, baked beans, paper, salt, etc. etc....... after which the cubs had to remember them all. A lovely Kim's Game.

A new chum being invested.
Till next Time
Keep cubbing
Akela Joy

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