Saturday, November 29, 2008

End of Year Party!

We have come to the end of the Cubbing Year! Can't believe how quickly it has passed by!
Whilst out and about, I found a super little gift for each cub which I wrapped up for them. I made each cub a card with their photo and a personalised message.
We end off each year with a huge party. These are syringes I purchased from the vet ... and had great fun filling them with jellies of different colours. To stop the jelly running out, I placed a "jelly tot" in the part where the needle should go.
The idea was to also put condensed milk into the top section, but most of the cubs preferred just the jelly.

Some of the many cup-cakes I made!

Few of the party plates!
.... laden with a sugar high .....

.... colourful juice .....

Oh! .... we did play games as well .... just a few!
This one was a relay game whereby the cubs had to carry a potato on an inner from a toilet roll, pass it to the next cub, who carried it to the next cubs and so on.

This was a fun bat and ball game.
The cubs had to place their foreheads on the top of the bat, run around the bat 10 times then run forward and hit the ball !!!

Easier said than done ....

..... and some items were destroyed in the effort!!

It's time to party!!

MMmmmm... this tastes yummy!

... absolutely delicious....
.... jaw-breakers in action ....

Mmmm - very good!

Cubbing is Frienship

Cubbing is sharing ...

.... and Cubbing is Fun!

"Oh, Akela, can we use these as water pistols"

Of course - that why we have them!

to have fun, fun and more fun!
(and the leaders were not safe either!)

All the gifts were hidden around the hall. Cubs had to find the first gift then sit down.
Once all the cubs had found a gift, they then read the name and went to exchange gifts and wish that cub 'merry Christmas"

Look - it is a torch!
Another happy Cub
Keep Cubbing
Akela Joy


  1. Jelly in a syringe, what a fantastic idea! I'll pass that onto our own Cub Pack.

  2. Very nice! Cubs scouts are the same all over the world. In South Africa or in Brasil, my country. I'm cub scout leader too and pen pal of Akela Joy.
    Yours in scouting
    Fernando Neves