Friday, February 06, 2009

Goofy Goats 6th February 2009

Today we learnt about "fainting goats". The goofy goats originated in Tennessee and when frightened actually faint for about 10 seconds!

So, what better fun than to be goofy goats. Cubs ran around and on the blow of the whistle, they "fainted" and counted to 10 and jumped up again and continued running around. We then added a few "lions" into the game to catch the goats.

Our Cheetahs made Greeting Cards...

... and with Valentine coming up soon, they took the opportunity to make a card for a special person.

The Leaping Wolves did "sensations"...
and today they listened to a story and had to remember all the colours in the story.
We then also did "taste" which different sweets and chocolates - which I think they enjoyed tremendously!
Water is precious for all animals and needs to be conserved!

... and for this relay game we took a paper cup filled with water which was placed on top of the chopsticks .... and 2 cubs walked through an obstacle course and back again to his Six....... supposedly without dropping a drop of water!

This game calls for a lot of
- concentration
- patience
-sense of humour
... but it was fun...
with most of the cups falling at the half-way mark!
Because these goofy goats faint and fall out of trees, it was necessary for us to make our "emergency kits" just in case any goofy goat hurt themselves!

In our emergency kit (plastic bank bag) went the following items:
- a piece of card with cub's telehone number
- cub's mom and dads number
- police and ambulance number
- cotton wool
- plaster
- paper and pencil
-safety pin
- plastic bag
- coin to make a call from a public phone (although most cubs have cell phones these days!)
Some interesting facts about goats:
- Goats do not have teeth in their upper jaw
- Both male and female goats can have beards
- the pupil of a goat's eye is rectangular in shape
Just look at these goofy goat wounds.... our very own goofy goats have fallen out of their trees and sustained very, serious injuries!

.... broken hand....

..... much needed emergency kit ....

We made some fake wounds for the cubs to put on....

... and 'customised' to look real!

Fake Wound Recipe
2 Tablespoons of Flour
1 Tablespoon of Salt
4 drops of oil
Half a teaspoon of coffee dissolved in a little water
1 drop of red colouring
Place salt and flour in saucepan on medium heat and add just enough water to make a stiffish dough. Add the coffee mixture and drop of red food colouring. Mix until not gritty or lumpy. Continue adding the red and brown until you get the correct skin colour.
Remove from saucepan and place on bread board and knead until smooth.
Fake Blood
Tomato Sauce
Chocolate Sauce
I took a fair amount of Tomato Sauce and just a squeeze or two of the chocolate sauce and added a few drops of glycerine to get the right consistency.
Rub a little red food colouring on the skin. Put a lump of vaseline on that. Place a single layer tissue over it. Dampen the edges down with vaseline. A drop of clear nail polish will give the blister the right feel!
A mixture of honey and mayonaise!
These silly goats have got stuck up in the trees and our cubs had to rescue them!

.... more wounds.....

... so the cubs made use of the 'fireman's chair' and brought all the goofy goats to safety!

They also made use of the 'firemans lift' and carried the goats to the emergency room!

Having fun!

.... being cubs! ....

Just after I had closed with the Grand Howl, I overheard one of the 'new chums' say to his friend - "this has been the best day of my life and I will be back next week."
Till next Time
Keep Cubbing
Akela Joy
(apologies that the photos are a bit muddled this week!)

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