Monday, February 02, 2009

Polars and Penguins - 30th January 2009

Polars and Penguins were searching high and low for the snowy slopes of Ar Rowep Ark on Friday and with the help of the maze below, found it with no problem!

As you all know, polars and penguins are the greatest of friends and often can be seen playing "leap frog" in the snow!

... as you can imagine, the penguins have no problems 'bouncing' right over the polar bears!

One of the games that we played was where the penguins and polars were playing in the snow whilst poachers were about!

2 cubs are nominated to be poachers and link hands facing each other - these are the nets. They run around and catch the polar bears and penguins in their net. If successful, they are added to form a bigger net.

Caught in the net!
Some interesting PENGUIN facts:
* because there are so many preditors on land, penguins nap in the water!
* they use sign language to communicate - and wave their flippers and move their heads!
* live in colonies called rookeries
* they can walk faster than humans!
Some interesting POLAR BEAR facts:
* all polar bears are left handed!
* their fur is not actually white!
Whilst playing in the snow, the polar bears accidently knocked all the penguins into the water!

Althought the penguins could swim, the polar bears rescued them!

Divide into 2 teams for relay game. 1 cub is seated on chair. On 'go' cub runs up, ties a bowline around the cub on the chair and pulls him across the hall to safety. Continue until all cubs have had a turn to tie a bowline. (Younger cubs will need assistance)

.... this game is great fun! ....

Another relay game was slotted in for water safety awareness.

Pictures of correct and incorrect water safety were laid out in front of both groups.

A cub needed to run forward, pick up one picture and place it on the 'good' or 'bad' pile. Afterwards go through the pictures and indicate if all correct.

More polars and penguins having great fun!

Over the past couple of months I have received numerous requests for pen-friends from packs around the world.

This Friday, all the cubs wrote a letter about themselves on the pre-designed form so that these can be sent out to all the different packs all over the world.

I am thrilled to have received a letter from one of the cubs who has completed his World Friendship Badge! Well Done!

Till next Time
Keep Cubbing
Akela Joy

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