Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Wizz of the Weaver - 27th Feb 2009

We are THRILLED to have a new leader join us!
Raksha was invested on Friday - welcome to 9th Benoni - we know you will love being with us!

Our ADC investing Raksha.

Weavers are busy little birds with the male always building nests to his mate's specifications! So he is always on the lookout for nesting materials.
Here the cubs had pieces of wool stuck in belt loops and on the word 'go' ran around picking up whatever nesting material (wool from others) they could find. At the end the 'bird' with the most nesting material was the winner.

We brought up into our groups and here the Cheetahs are learning knotting.
While our Lions learnt time.
Raksha is using a fun way of teaching the 24 hour clock.

Our Revision Game was the simple reef knot.
In relay formation cubs ran up tied a reed knot with the piece of rope they had and after a specified time, the Six with the longest rope was the winner.

Raksha giving a helping hand.

Our Dad Helper showing how its done
Rikki giving some support

We did the Recycling Interest Badge and each cub had to bring 3 recycled items from home. Here one of the cubs have a bird feeder made from a cold drink box, a bullet shell that is being used to hold paint-brushed and a railway sleeper made into a key holder.

As part of the Recycling Badge, each cub had to make an item from material that would normally be thrown away. They had to make something useful.

Each cub made their own skipping rope from 500ml cold drink bottles.
For further details, take a look at
They also had to learn about a company that did recycling. Here Raksha is telling them about Mondi Paper Recyclers.
The facinating thing is that she is describing how paper is made 'in pictures' by starting with the chopping of the trees and ending with what all paper can be used for.
We said goodbye to 3 of our cubs today and had the 'going up' ceremony.
Here one of them is being invested into Scouts straight after they openened.

Getting ready to be a scout!
Good Luck to all 3 of the cubs - we know you will have lots of fun!
The 3rd cub will be invested within the next few weeks.
Till next Time
Keep Cubbing
Akela Joy

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