Sunday, September 20, 2009

Lory Park outing - 19th September

9th Benoni Bambanani organised an outing on Saturday to the Lory Park in Midrand - and what a WONDERFUL event this was!
Lory Park is well worth the visit - well maintained with much to see.

This is the Caracal which is taken on a leash for a walk around the park at 11h30

They have beautiful black swans, secretary birds, blue cranes ... just to name a few.

There are many Birds of Prey

... as can be seen in the background!

If you take a very close look, you will see a LION sunbathing on top of the roof ..... we found this quite hilarious!

.... so have given you a little bit of a closer view of the lion ...

They have a large variety of parakeets that they bring out daily and these birds are very tame.

My favourite is the Owl and at feeding time, visitors are allowed into the owl enclosure to feed them.

This is the Caracal going for his walk!

... and if you look carefully you will see a honey badger that is also taken for a walk!

These two painting are on the walk and are very realistic!

Other animals include a couple of tiger, leopard, puma, and many many more.
Lory Park is well worth the trip and I know you will not be disappointed.
To find out more about Lory Park, click here.

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Akela Joy

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  1. visiting and looking at animals at the zoo with kids, in these case with boys scout is always pleasant, the kids love the time in the zoo because they are able to see wild animals and have a great time!