Friday, September 04, 2009

Red Flower - 4th September 2009

We continued our story of The Jungle Book and today we told the cubs about Mowgli going into the village to fetch the Red Flower.

A game was played whereby the "red flower" was placed in the middle of the hall and all the "villagers" were lying sleeping around the red flower. One cub is chosen as Mowgli who then has to creep through the villagers and see if he/she can retrieve the red flower with out making a sound. If someone hears the cub, they point from where they are hearing the noise and if correct they get a turn to be Mowgli.

The little ones learnt all about the Dangers of Fire

... and once the fire was ready they were allowed to quickly toast a marshmallow

The older cubs made a conservation stove and cooked a pizza!

getting it all together

getting the dough just right


pizza and pudding - sounds good!

mmmmmm - delicious!

Instruction "time"

Know how to knot

Safety in the home

.. and we invested another new chum!

Welcome Jono!

Our cubs giving the new chum a "woof".
From tradition they have learnt to throw their caps into the air!!

Till next Time
Keep Cubbing
Akela Joy

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