Saturday, November 14, 2009

On Foot - 13th November 2009

Our programme today related to foot transport.
The Steam Release game had the cubs running in all directions!

A circle of rope is placed on the ground - big enough for all cubs to fit inside.
On the blow of the whistle, cubs must run around.
The circle is now made a little smaller.
On the blow of the whistle, all cubs must race to the circle and see who fits in.
Those who do not reach the rope in time, sit out.
The cubs loved this game!

Whilst on foot, one is sure to get "smelly socks" - so it was ideal to do a bit of sense training.
Different household smells were placed in bottles inside clean socks.

Cubs were blindfolded and the "dirty socks" passed around for them to smell.
As you can see from their expressions, some of the smells were a bit nasty!

..... like vinegar!

Our Instruction were focused on compass work..

fire lighting....

while the Caracals coloured in the SA flag and the Cheetahs did Scout's Pace.
To pass the time whilst walking, a good idea is to sing!

The cubs made some musical instruments with beads .....

and had great fun singing and playing the drums and shakers.

A very special part of the meeting was handing over the Leaping Wolf Certificate to Mark.

Well done Mark!

In order to make our Sixers feel extra special, we placed their peronal invite in the front of the hall. Each Sixer needs to come up with an idea for a new game for the new term - amongst other things.
Till next Time
Keep Cubbing
Akela Joy


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