Friday, November 20, 2009

Train Odyssey - 20th November 2009

The weather today at the pack meeting was horrendous! It has been raining on and off for the past 6 days - something we are not used to!

Our programme today revolved around train transport
and this was the train each cubs got to make.
1 Fizzer with 2 toothpicks stuck through it with little sweets for wheels.
Simple, quick and easy.

In teams, the cubs ran around forming a train with their left hand between their legs holding onto the person behind's right hand.

Great fun .... and chaos!

Another variation of this game is for the cubs to be in relay formation and the one cub runs up to a marker, and runs back to collect his "carriage". They both run to the marker, holding onto the person in front, and then go and collect another "carriage".

Carry on collecting carriages until everyone is linked in.
Take one more trip and then sit down.

The Lions made a stunning bird feeder.

While the Caracals meditated a while ... deciding what "conservation" was.
This was hilarious! I asked them what they understood by "conservation" and the one little guy moved into this pose, with the other 2 guys following him!
On asking what was going on, the little Indian guy said he was meditating to get the answer ..... and you know what he came up with ..... "to save the planet"

Tiny little pine cones were used to made this lovely bird feed.

Peanut butter was pushed into the cone and then rolled in bird seed.

Our revision game was knotting.

Each cub had a chance to run up and tie an easy reef knot and be part of the train.

The Leaping Wolves were the "engine" and had to make sure all carriages were tied on correctly.

and today we said goodbye to 4 of our cubs who have gone up to scouts.
Thanks Mark, Jordan, David and Andrea. We have loved having you with us and we know you will all have great fun in the troop.
We also had a very special guest today - Akela Candice from 1st Germiston came to visit.
It was great having you with us.
Till next Time
Keep Cubbing
Akela Joy

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