Friday, November 06, 2009

Horsing Around - 6th November

As part of the Transport Theme for the term, our programme today was on "horse transport".

So what better way to start off with some "horse-play" and trying to catch the horse's tail.
Cubs tucked their scarves into the back of their pants, and on the go of the whistle cubs ran around trying to pull another cub's tail.

Here, a brother and sister having enormous fun!

Our next game -oh, I mean Durban July, was run at 16h05 with Sloppy Socks taking pole position whilst Great Guns had the inside track.

All horses did exceptionally well!

Being on the race track all day, certainly gets hot.
The cubs then made their own fly swatter.

They coloured in and personalised each one before cutting and then joining them to form a circle.

Baloo and Rikki had pesky flies on a sting, and the cubs had to swat them with their new hand-made swatter.

The Caracals today learnt about Communication as well as the Cub Prayer.

Our cubs then sat down and listened to a yarn about all the famous people who relied on their trusty horses. One example is Dick King who rode from Durban to Grahamstown. Today a statue of Dick King and his beloved horse stand at the bottom of Cape Road and Rink Street.

Cubs then had to catch their horses and make sure that they did not wander off.

Each team was given a rope with a lasso knot tied in it. This then they had to throw over their "horse" from a distance.

Enjoyed by all!

This is a photo of our pack today.
Till next time
Keep Cubbing
Akela Joy

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