Saturday, February 20, 2010

BP Celebrations - 19th February 2010

We celebrated BP's birthday and had such fun - BP would have been proud of us!

Just as BP used to climb trees and hide away, our cubs did so as well.

With the advent of computers and computer games, I don't believe cubs climb trees as much as they should.

..... so we gave them all the opportunity to experience the freedom ...

Taking time to learning about our founder - Baden Powell.

BP was extremely clever and used to hide his messages in his drawings.
Here the cubs deciphered a hidden message by rubbing some "colour" - eg paint - over the message and it magically appeared!


.... and here is the message....

Making use of junk craft to make musical instrument.

a guitar

a drum

fancy shakers

... and our band is complete....
Next week we invite all moms and grans to join us to celebrate "mother's day". Your cubs will entertain you for a few minutes and we also have a very special guest.

Instruction time for the Caracals

Colouring in the South AFrican Flag

... and after the hard work it was time for fun!

Each cub was given a syringe (without the needle!) and they had to fill with water and see how many cubs they could wet!

Cubs love this!

just look at the smiles on their faces!

quick, easy and very cheap game to play..... and it can be adapted in to many ways.
You could have a relay race to see how many can knock over empty cold drink bottles or how many can put out lit candles.
You could even get them to collect water from one source and fill a jug from a distance using the syringe and see whose jug has the most water....
There are so many games you can play having fun using a syringe.

Another idea we have used over the past couple of years is to have a 9th Benoni mess kit. The cubs each drew themselves in uniform (outline in pencil) and we sent these to the printer who put them onto these lovely draw-string bags. They are ideal as a mess kit holder and each cub has his own artwork on it. ..... something he can be proud of.
Till next Time
Keep Cubbing
Akela Joy
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