Friday, February 05, 2010

Valentine Day - 5th February

Our programme today dealt with our love for others, and yes, you have guessed it - we celebrated Valentines Day at 9th Benoni - and another visit from our adorable guide dog Imrani.

O'Reilly and Imrani taking centre stage!
Imrani is slowly learning how to be a guide dog.....

...... and soon she will be off to "big school" where her training will begin.

The cubs just lover her!
and they know that all their hard work in saving all that money was well worth it.

Imrani's walkers made us a stunning picture of her progress.
Imrani is part of 9th Benoni and even wears her very own scarf with pride!

.... of course to try and get a puppy and cubs to pose for a photo, - well that is almost asking the impossible - so this is the best we have to offer!

O'Reilly is an absolute honey! He is sooooooo good when he has his working harness on but as soon as it is off, he is out the door and races around our huge grounds like the wind. It is such a pleasure to see.

Just look at O'Reilly go!

Happy chappies!

Pieter is from the South African Guide Dog Association and O'Reilly is his guide dog.
Imrani with her trusted walkers.
After their wonderful visit, we continued with out programme.
.... and being Valentine we had the cubs use their cupid arrows to shoot....
Cardboard boxes had heart shapes spray painted on them

Get set...

... aim ...

The cubs loved this game and a few hit the target which entitled them to a "bone".

It was then back into the hall for a bit of drawing....
each cub was given a piece of paper and they had to draw themselves in cub uniform.
These will be scanned in and printed onto mess kit bags for camp.
They will really look stunning when completed.
and then onto our "feats of skill"
Cubs had to do sit ups - but with good reason and we never heard one sound from them!
I wonder why!
Each cub had a doughnut in front of him/her and they had to do one sit-up and only have one bite out of the doughnut...... down again and come up for the next bite.
This is really a fun way for the cubs to do those sit ups and they finish them with out even realising that they have done them!

Even our New Chums had a great time!

Helping a fellow cub along the way!
Let me know if you have popped in for a visit by leaving a quick comment - I would love to hear from all of you - even if it is just a "hi".
Till next Time
Keep Cubbing
Akela Joy


  1. Haven't had time to accually visit your site for a while, but have relied on my update e-mails which I always enjoy.
    I think that the Guide dog adventure is such a wonderful way of giving to the community! I hope more groups will follow suit.
    All my best to all your wonderful Cubs and you!

  2. Thanks for the comment - always great to hear from you! I know you are extremely busy these days and appreciate your visit - always nice to know who pops in to visit the blog! Take care. Joy