Sunday, February 14, 2010

Sabie River Rafting Weekend - 13th Feb 2010

Unless you have been to Sabie to river raft, it is very difficult to describe!
because it is totally awesome, brilliant, exciting, scary and some even hate it!
.... but this is what we do on an annual basis for fun!

It is normally just the scouts and rovers who journey down to Sabie to have all this fun but hang, why can't we also join in!

So once a year - mid February - we kit ourselves out with gorgeous looking life-jackets, water shoes and a huge tube.

....most of these tubes have individual names for identification ...
Mine of course being "Akela's Automobile"
This is the funniest as one now has to jump into the tube and make sure you land squarely in the tube and that you don't topple backwards! .... We won't say who topped over! ... and as you topple over the tube is derserting you!

Getting ready for another trip down the river.
Tubes in one car - people in another!

We stayed at the Sabie River Camp in the Boma which sleeps 80 people. This camp is absolutely awesome and has many different types of camping facilities.

This is the heated swimming pool.

This young man wanted to show everyone how to do the 'belly flop"

another round of fun!

There were some very kind gentlemen who assisted us here - thanks guys - you are awesome!
(We did not know them)

Whew! landed perfectly on the tube!

.... and away we go .....

Hubby doing pretty well!

Cub mommy enjoying herself!

Cub parents - isn't this fun?

The rovers had placed a rope across the river with green cold drink bottles attached so that everyone could ee where to get out.

One can carry on a little further to a causeway - afterwhich the river narrows and then cascades down into a water fall!

My boys!

A wonderful bunch of guys - my son on the far right.

Early morning yoga exercises!

(Cub parent taking the air out of the tubes to pack away!!)

As always it is a great weekend that everyone should experience once! I have been back a few times and this time - I think - was the best. The river was flowin?g at a good speed, the rapids were super and the company was superb.

Thanks to all the Cub Parents who made this such a special time.

Till next Time

Keep Cubbing

Akela Joy

PS. Let me know what you thought of Sabie?

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