Friday, May 13, 2011

The Energy Savers - 13th May 2011

A trio of trouble? ... or would you say a trio of treasure?

well these young cubs (and others) have been saving the world ....

Our theme this week was "The Energy Savers" - our second part of the National Cub Challenge.

Steam Release: Saving Energy
Cubs had to run to different parts of the playing area acting out different ways to save our world. Example: "turning off the tap" "switching off the light" etc.

We made simple door stoppers to make sure that the draft did not creep in...

This will save us having to put the heat up ....

A very welcome "mother-helper" lending a hand with this craft.

If you feel that you would like to assist us on a Friday, please contact us. We are desperate for helpers.

Recycling uses a lot less energy than using new ones....

Rikki giving instructions on the next game.

In relay formation, the first cub has to run - in order - to the items Rikki calls out and back to his line.

Example: paper, plastic, glass...

This carried on for a while until everyone had a chance, then items such as:

magazine, baked beans, box of kittens - were called out.

Can't catch these cubs - they are very clever and know all about their recycling.... we are sure to save our world!

Changing our attitute towards waste is important.

Next cubs learnt how to recycle a plastic bottle and make a watering can and then use "grey water" which they had to bring from home, to water our trees.

Having fun - and that is what it is all about ....

some grey water...

watering a tree the cubs had planted about 5 yeas ago....

It was then time to Power Down.

Cubs enjoyed a lovely game of "snakes and ladders" just going over what they had learnt about saving energy.

Till next Time

Keep Cubbing

Akela Joy

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