Friday, May 06, 2011

The Ghost of Campbell Able - down in the basement : 6th May 2011

Sunday is a very special day for all Mothers here in SA - so we had to make sure that on our trip down into the basement, we found lots and lots of treasure!

The old castle down at the end of the dark road has been abandoned for many years. We all know that nobody lives there anymore but the castle is filled with many treasures. One key, and only one key will open the front door - do you have it?

Find that key: only 1 key fits the door but a whole lot of keys - plus the correct one - are handed to the cubs. They each run up and have a chance to see if they can open the castle door.

Aren't these keys beautiful!

Does my key fit?

I am sure my key will fit!

.... and at last the castle door was opened ....

We would like to express our grateful thanks to Mrs Weeks who so kindly made the castle door for us and organised all the keys. We really appreciate all your help - thank you.

If any other parents would like to offer their assistance, please contact either Akela Sharon or myself.

As the door opened, we could hear all strange and weird noises. Remember nobody had lived in the castle for many years - so I wonder where those noises were coming from...

Castle Creeks: Scary sounds are downloaded off the internet and played to the cubs. These must be identified. Example: pots banging, bells, owl hooting etc.

Let's make our way down to the basement and see what treasures we can find! Mind all those cobwebs...

Cubs are given clues as to where to go find items that they will need to make up a craft item.

They had to go to 7 different destinations and collect items to make a Mother's Day gift.

Just look at all this treasure! Wow, this person must have been very rich - let us make a special gift.

Cubs making a craft item for their moms...

... and we had a special visitor today ....

Hope u enjoyed yourself!

Everyone was very pleased with their efforts and they all throught their moms would be pleased with the gift!

Happy Mother's Day to all our "moms"

Whilst walking down to the dungeon we must have disturbed all the bats!

Bat Wackers: Divide the pack into Swatters and Bats. Swatters must try to wack the bats below the knees. If wacked, they must sit down. Change team after a while.

Just look at these mischievious faces!! Naughtiness written all over it!

We just had enough time left over for a quick talk from one of our cubs who had recently gone overseas and visited another pack.

Well done Jason on standing up in front of the pack and telling us all about your visit.

It was very interesting...

We then had the priviledge to invest twins Liam and Trent.

It was a great start to some great cubbing!

Welcome back everyone - we have some awesome adventure lined up...

Till next Time

Keep Cubbing

Akela Joy

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