Friday, June 10, 2011

What do your feet say? - 10th June 2011

Somebody very famous has lost his foot and we are going to help Scotland Yard find it. Are you up to some investigating in the freezing weather?

Steam Release: Find that foot!

Different coloured footprints are cut up and hidden in the playing field. Each Six must find "their colour" and put together a pair of prints.

.... and there we have it!

Have we all guessed who has lost his foot?

That is right - a very famous South African - Nelson Mandela!

.... and his feet have walked many miles .....

He has walked far and wide and seen many interesting places but has had to overcome some great obstacles.... let's see if you are up to some obstacles.

The Sixers had a Sixer Council Meeting and received special lollies!

Advancement carried on as normal and First Aid was enjoyed by all....

(Our little actors!)

Feats of Skill

... and while I was takingn photos I noticed some Red Indians, and distant drums which caught my attention - so hurried to field off yonder only to find Haiwatha and her clan making fire!
(Special programme being held at 1st Benoni - cub scouts next door to us)

Because Father's Day is soon, the cubs made special gifts of soap and a card.

and remembering that Nelson came from the hills of the Eastern Cape, where lots of singing takes place, we taught the cubs the campfire song "Bananas"

which goes like this:

Banana lovers of the world unite...

Peel bananas, peel, peel bananas

Peel banans, peel, peel bananss

Eat bananas, eat, eat bananas
Eat Bananas, eat eat bananas

Go Bananas, go, go bananas

(Clasp hands above your head as if to make yourself look like a banana.

Then when the song starts, start to act like your hands are the peels of the banana peeling.

then when it comes to eat the banana, act like you are shoving bananas in your mouth.... and of course when is says "go bananas" then you act like a monkey and go crazy!

Because we were doing "footprints" we also showed the cubs some "spoor"

We are closed now for school holidays.

Our cycle rally takes place on the 23rd July. Make sure that you are registered to ride as it is going to be great fun!

Till next Time

Keep Cubbing

Akela Joy

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