Friday, October 14, 2011

Do as the Detective Does - 14th October 2011

Tonight was our first night back at Cub Scouts - we were Detectives on the Beat!.....

We also held our AGM and Prize Giving.....

Well done to our Cub of the Year - Quentin Best.
We did our Secret Codes badge today and our first game was called "Catch the Criminals"

All cubs are given stickers which they have to try and stick on the other cub's back without getting any stickers stuck on them! When the whistle blows, cubs with the least stickers are the winners.

We wrote "secret messages" for the other detectives to decipher..

... and to confuse the criminals, we played gibberish hockey.

Cubs are first taugh basic gibberish. Sitting in two lines facing each other they each repeat their number. (one the gun, two the goo, three the gee, four the gour etc) When their number is called, a cub from each side runs up and tries to score a goal.

Because our pack is so big we called out two number - hence having 4 people actively involved each time.

It was then time to decipher a secret code written by Akela.

and what better fun that revealing the secret message by using fire!

Cubs were taught fire safety and how to strike the match correctly.... and we did have some mishaps!

But all in all, it went very well.

Chris, one of our APS's has joined the Troop - well done.

and we have a new APS - Jacques - welcome.

At our Prize Giving the following cubs won awards:

Ryan Leslie for the best attendance.

Connor Howells for the Best Cubbing Spirit

Purple Six were the Six of the Year

and Quentin Best won Cub of the Year - congratulations!

The Troop also held their prize giving and here are my two sons - Matthew - receiving his award for being a scout up till his 18th birthday.

and Andrew - my adoped son - also receiving his trophy for attending scouts till his 18th birthday. Well done guys!

We have a fabulous term lined up with some great cubbing so be sure to keep coming back to check out what we are doing.

Till next Time

Keep Cubbing

Akela Joy


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