Friday, October 21, 2011

A visit to 1st Benoni - 21st October 2011

A bee-keeper arrived whilst I was visiting 1st Benoni - and what an interesting story she had to tell...

The cubs were enthralled and learnt all about the wonders of bees and why we need to save our bees for the continuation of our world.

The cubs were shown the wax the bees had made and also how the bees get into their hives.

Each cub made their own wax candle.

and then each cub was very lucky to be able to take home some lip-balm which is being prepared here.

Wow - aren't we so lucky to have these little creatures around!

At the next base the cubs were making a "mess kit bag".

They were using a standard bag obtainable at any supermarket and decoupaging a lovely picture to personalise it.

At the next base the cubs were being shown how to pitch a tent.

.... and because 1st Benoni is a Sea Scout group, the cubs at this base, were being shown the very basics of how to canoe - and all the water safety rules that go with it.

What a fun time these cubs had!

(and so did I!)

Till next Time

Keep Cubbing

Akela Joy

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