Saturday, October 15, 2011

Sixer Council Meeting - 15th October

What fun we had today at the Sixer Council Meeting!

Sixers joined me at Arrowe Park where the annual Joti/Jota was taking place.
We held our meeting on the island where the Sixers revised their responsibilities and duties as Sixers. A Sixer Council would not be much fun unless there was something special for each cub and so each received a chocolate, some juice and a lovely bookmark with a beaded wolf-head.

As Joti/Jota is a scout event, the cubs were not allowed to participate in all events but just 2. They were awe-struck with what awaits them when they go up to scouts and so it was a wonderful way to whet their appetites.

They were allowed to do some tie-dyeing....

which they loved ...

... perhaps because it was quite messy .....

and the end result was just perfect!

Scouts talking on the Ham Radio

Scouts using the air-rifles

The cubs were also allowed to use the catapults...

Just such a lovely picture taken at Arrowe Park. Scouts were allowed to go out on the gigs.

In the hall computers were set up where Scouts were busily contacting friends around the world whilst others were gaming.

A great and fun Sixer Council.... and the cubs cannot wait for the next one!

Till next time

Keep Cubbing

Akela JOy


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