Friday, May 04, 2012

Famous hero - Francois Pienaar - 4th May 2012

This game is played with an oval ball and one man - Francois Piennar - was one of the greatest sprinbok captains of all times..... he and his team did their best and won the biggest prize in world rugby.
Steam Release Game: Two cubs are chosen as tacklers. They run around and try and touch the other cubs. If the cub is touched they must stand still and wait to be "rescued" by another cub climbing through the cubs legs.

Instruction Time..

Can you all handle an oval ball - here our leaders show us how it is done!
Easy isn't it?

Playacting: Cubs line up in their six and each one gets a chance to mime a sport - the rest of the Six has to guess what sport it is.
Circle Game: Cubs in a circle names Hooker, Fly half, Forward, full back, Wing, Prop etc. When name is called only those cubs run around and back to his or her place...

Just as rugby is played as a team sport, our cubs needs to remember that they must work as a team. Sixers went off into Arrowe Park on a Scavenger Hunt to look for:
- something soft
- something hard
- something prickly
- something long
- some litter
- and a pine cone.
The first Six back won a packet of sweets to share.

Conner has just completed his Leaping Wolf badge - here Akela is congratulating him.
Till next Time
Keep Cubbing
Akela Joy

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