Friday, May 11, 2012

Mothers are just perfect - 10th May 2012

Moms are perfect in every way and we must appreciate them for all they do for us! Let us run around and see if we can find our very own special mom!
Steam Release Game: A photo of each mom had been sent to me and these were pinned up around the playing field. Each cub had to run around looking for his mom!

Found my mom!
God made moms to be brave and strong and overcome any obstacle put in her way. Let's see if you can overcome obstacles in your way!
Revision Game: Two cubs had to be tied together using a Reef knot or Bowline (age dependent) and run through the obstacles.
Getting ready for those obstacles!

Come along now partner!
Oops!, I am about to fall!
Yes Mom, you can do this! It is easy....
That's right - you are doing well - just crawl under this.....
Now hold my hand mom, you will be fine! We can do this together!
Okay, I'll just drag you along...
Every year it is important to say thank you to our moms .....
Craft: Cubs are making a special card for them..
.... and this is what it looked like.... with a photo of each mom.
Busy hands..
Sometimes if we ask our moms very nicely they will play games with us.... our next game was a Scavenger Hunt and had cubs running around looking for clues. They worked in Sixes.

Clue 1: It is here I lie among the trees, A special symbol for all to seize
(I am wooden and hard and people sit on me).
This was at our campfire and a letter "L" was placed there as well for each cub to collect.

Clue 2: These things are the kindest things I know, they do no harm, they simply grow,
and spread a shade for sleepy cows, and gather birds among their bows.
(Answer: Trees)
The letter "O" was also placed under the tree with the next clue.

Clue 3: It is here that I can sit and be still
Watch the ducks and flowers and just chill.
Answer: Jetty at the waters edge
The letter "V" was placed here with the next clue.

Clue 4: It is a place where we meet each Friday, where Akela and Shere Khan wait
patiently for the cubs.
Answer: in the hall
The letter "E" was left in the hall.

Cubs then had to make a word out of the letters they found - of course if was "L O V E"
An extra bit of love to take home to give to their special moms.

The winners of the game.
Moms work very hard and need to take a break - one special mom did something really funny !

Sense Training: While a story was being read, cubs tasted relevant items.

Tasting edible leaves!
Story: Mother climbs a tree for peace and quiet.
Leave me your email address if you would like a copy of the story.
Sometimes when moms do the washing they spill water all over the place, let us see how good you are with water.
Relay Game: Mind that Water: Cubs in relay formation have a cup of water and have to pass it over and under to the back of the row. Back cub runs forward and starts all over again until everyone has had a turn in front.
Happy Mother's Day to all our special moms.

Till next Time
Keep Cubbing
Akela Joy

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