Friday, May 18, 2012

Famous Hero - Hansie Cronje - 18th May 2012

Hansie Conje was a very famous cricketer - he made some mistakes but always told the truth.
Steam Release Game: Fielders Delight
Cubs run around on the field and when a command is given they perform the action.
1. It's a catcher - stand still pretending to catch the ball.
2. Batsman has been bowled - cubs run around celebrating
3. Runs are on 111 - cubs have to get off the ground
4. It's a bouncer - cubs stop and duck down.

All fielders need to be able to catch - let's see how we do.
Circle Game: Cricket Mania
Cubs in a circle with balls handled out to a number of cubs - probably 5.
Randomly these balls are thrown across the circle at another cub to catch. If they do not catch they are out.

Handcraft: Tiny cricket bats
Cubs made their own paper cricket bats and decorated them.

Team Game: It's a Six
Time for some hilarious fun - cubs lined up and were given an item to use as a cricket bat - this ranged from a packet of rice to a egg lifter!
a wooden ski
a bucket

an ice cream lid
a bicycle helmet
a packet of Tastic Rice!
Cricketers are always in good spirits and sings lots of songs - let us practise a few....
We had a little chat about having a campfire blanket and asking mom to make one.
We then sand 3 campfire songs.
A good meeting!
Till next Time
Keep Cubbing
Akela Joy

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