Saturday, March 05, 2011

Kontiki 2011 - Rome

Wow! What a fabulous KonTiki!
For those of you who do know know what KonTiki is all about, this is an annual event held at Murray Park in Springs whereby the Scouts build their raft and have to stay on it for 24 hours. Go take a look here for more information and all about the theme and past events.
The man who started KonTiki many, many yers ago!

Opening Ceremony

We met some Brownies along the way...

Safety Gig

The boats launched a little earlier than normal this year - leaving the shores at around 11am.

KonTiki is a scout event and many competitions are held - only one being the raft race. There is also "play-acting"; they also have to cook a 3 course meal; as well as do an STA (Spare time Activity) Scouts on the raft also do the STA and other competitions as well.
The Raft Crew Leader has to build a model of what his raft is going to look like!

So while the Scouts are busy, the cubs take part in what is called the Beaver Challenge. At each Scout campsite, they have to run this base especially for cub age scouts. This is hugely fun and the cubs just love it! After completing x amount of Beaver Challenges, they receive a special KonTiki badge.

Building a chariot out of pasticine .. or was it dough?

The cubs really had a wonderful time completing all these bases - there were a lot more than what I have photos!
We then sat down and had a picnic!
But I can really say this KonTiki is AWESOME!
Till next Time
Keep Cubbing
Akela Joy

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