Sunday, March 13, 2011

Pac Yac - 2011

A weekend filled with lots of laughter, friendship and learnings!

The theme for the weekend was CAMELOT and whilst the 'round table' featured quite often, we were also out and about having lots of fun!

After opening, we started of with lots of bases - giving the scouters ideas to take back to their packs.

Here they did some pewter work - which can be done on a coffee can pull off lid.

Base 2 was where they painted their "noble shield"

The next base was making pan-flutes for music at the banquet!

Leaders were shown how to do stained glass windows.... aren't these just fabulous? One of the scouters brought these in to show us all...

The ones the leaders did were with tissue paper - also looking just as good!

This base was followed by "hat making"
- as we all needed head-gear for the banquet.

Making a few magic spells and potions

It was then on to learning how to make a catapult from a coathanger - and boy was this fun! The leaders spent hours trying to get a small fluffy green ball into a bucket!

Lighting was important (the electricity went out as well!) so learning to make stunning candles was very important...

These candles are so easy to make - and are just so fabulous!

Here we learnt how to weave..

It was then time for the banquet ... and for everyone to "dress up"...

Merlin and his 'snazzy' shoes!!

Our entertainment for the banquet were 2 fantastic jugglers...

Isn't this just amazing?

"I'm singing in the rain, just singing in the rain .... "

We were up early the next morning - into our teams - for the qest of camelot! The first challenge was to save the "damsel in distress"

... and at last, the damsel was saved by a brave knight! ...

Jousting came next and as you can see, all the leaders had great fun!

The next challenge was very interesting. Each group had to take a series of photos - each with certain criteria and a certain number of leaders in them....

3 in your favourite tree ...

Find a "littered" spot with 2 leaders

2 leaders showing the evidence of Autumn ..

A photo with 3 leaders showing something old but with the opportunity for rebirth .....

3 Leaders with a natural view in the distance

1 leader with beautiful background

beautiful scenery

3 leaders and we had to find something that smelt nice in the garden...

and then the fun began .... in the dungeons of the castle!!
... and as you can see everyone is still a cub at heart!!

Rovers at their Best !

They then decided to roll down the hill - just like naughty cubs!

The last challenge was a scavenger hunt - "quest for the holy grail" .... this had us running around looking for clues all over the property only to find the "round table" and drink of the good "wine"
The "wine" consisted of 11 ingredients - some of which were tomato sauce, pudding, salad dressing, mayonaise!! .... sounds good, hey??
It was then onto making a stretcher but everyone in the team had to be blind-folded - quite interesting!!

What an amazing week-end.... fabulous fun - fabulous friendship and above all fabulous scouting!
This was just a foretaste of what is in store for all of us... remember Pow Wow is just around the corner.... if you want more fun, lasting friendships and fantastic scouting, join us next year at Pow Wow 2012!
Till next Time
Keep Cubbing
Akela Joy

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