Friday, August 03, 2012

In the Amazon Jungle with Bear Grylls - 3 August 2012

We have just crash landed in the Amazon River! The Piranhas are trying to eat Bear Grylls so lets get him out of the water and into the boat!
Steam Release Game: Piranhas on the lose
Cubs run around in the area surrounding the boat. Boat marked off with rope.
One cub is 'on' and must catch another cub. Once caught, the 'on' cub is safe and can board the
boat. the caught cub is not 'on' and must continue to catch the others. The last cub standing
is the Piranha.

This is a lovely game which the cubs enjoyed!
Wow! we cannot drink this dirty water in the river - we need to first make it clean.
Activity: Wonderful water purification
Rama showed the cubs step by step on how the make a water purifier.
Cubs followed instructions to make their own to take home

When we crashed in the jungle all our food was lost! We now need to find alternative food. We might need to eat some slugs and bugs!
Scavenger Hunt
Cubs run around and find one item of food. These containers with "food" in them have been hidden around the playing field. Inside were:
1. Urine
2. dead eyes
3. live ticks
4. intestines
5. animal toes
6. mud

Cubs were blindfolded and them we played a Kim's Game.

It was sooooo hot! The sun was blazing down on me and I just could not take it anymore! the helicopter had dropped me off in the middle of the Amazon Jungle and I had only been here about an hour and already I was in trouble with no fresh water to drink. Well, I remember seeing my hero Bear Grylls drink his own URINE (ginger ale) so I am going to have to give it a try. That was delicious. and has given me some energy to carry on.

I am heading in a southerly direction where I will spend the night in a hammock - peaceful and have a good night's sleep. But first I must make tracks as I need to cover about 20 kilometres.

this is tiring work and I am sure it is lunch time.... oh look, there is a dead animal. I guess I can scavenge off of that! Mmmmm, let me see what I can take that would be edible. The animals EYES look great! (grapes), but they will certainly not fill me up!

Oh what is that moving over there .... let me grab it quickly - oh look a big fat juicy TICK (soaked raisons) but oh no, I am still starving.

As a last resort, I will have to pull out these INTESTINES (thin sausages) and see what I can eat.... not bad but I don't think they will fill me entirely. I am going to just break off some ANIMAL TOES (bread sticks).

I a feeling quite good now. Let's make it across this muddy river quickly and we will then start making our hammock. Oh dear, something has caught my foot, and I am falling into the MUD (chocolate mouse) .... mmm it certainly takes good!
Instruction was up next and the Caracals did a nature picture.

The Cheetahs played a lovely game learning the compass direction. One cub in the middle with his arm outstretched and he turns round and round and round. Only when the leader calls 'stop' does he do so and he must then indicate in what direction he is pointing.
We had a visitor today - can you see which one is wearing a different scarf?
Oh dear, Bear Grylls has run into a tribe that only speaks English so he will need to communicate to them somehow to find his way out of the jungle with us!
Cubs stand up front and they indicate in which direction we need to go; how many steps to take; and over what obstacles.
Joseph said his special poem for us today. This he did today for the Eistedford and was awarded and "honours" certificate!
Proud mom in the background!
Well done Joseph - we are all very proud of you!

Till next Time
Keep cubbing
Akela Joy

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