Friday, August 31, 2012

Roof of the World - 31st August

Together with Bear Grylls we overcame some huge obstacles to reach the "roof of the world."
After finding our way to Tibet and realising that Bear Grylls must have read so many books and studied so hard to find out all he could about Mount Everest, it was time for the cubs to do some learning as well.
Lions doing instruction....
Caracals learning and revising.
Did you know that Bear Grylls was the youngest Englishman to climb Mount Everest. It took him 3 months to climb the mounts (he had many obstacles to overcome!) but he persevered and made it to the top!
Let's see if you can all "make it to the top" and overcome these obstacles.
Thanks to the 9th Benoni Scout Troop who put together a FANTASTIC obstacle course for the cubs to follow.

some took the easy way out!

and this was the best of all - a zip line!
the cubs came back for more
and more
and more!

Tonight we also had a very special "going up" ceremony for
Liam has been with us since he was 8 and completed all his advancement levels and 3 interest badges.
We are very proud of Liam and wish him all the best as he joins the troop.
We also invested 2 new chums today..
Welcome to you both - we know that you will have tremendous fun in our pack.
and then just to show everyone, that "once in a blue moon" does come about at some stage or other.
This is what is known as a blue moon - two full moons in one month and it occurred tonight!

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