Friday, August 24, 2012

Mysterious Egypt - 24th August 2012

Bear Grylls landed in Egypt - the Land of the Kings..... and we journeyed with him!
Steam Release Game: Remember your name
Four names are suggested - today the names given to me were Joseph, Matthew, Katia and Twinkles. These then became North, South, East and West and a quick game was played.
It was time to then find treasure!
Activity: Treasure Hunt
Each Six was given a treasure map and some matches. They then had to decipher the hidden code as to where the 4 elements were hidden to make up King Tut's mask.
Safety awareness on matches was given
the cubs loved doing this activity
and before they knew it, they had the answer before them....

The "x" on the map marked the spot where they could find the different elements to complete the mask.
The first six to complete the mask was declared the winner.

It was then on to Instruction for each advancement level.
The Leopards learnt how to make a billy can
and the new chums practised for their investiture next week
and the Lions were concentrating on the requirements for the conservation stove
Just so that everyone knows who they are, we made cartouches
Handcraft: Cartouches
Cubs are given a piece of cardboard and they must write their name in hieroglyphics.

Proudly displaying their handiwork
Relay Game: Camel Racing
Camels in Egypt race against each other in their spare time! Here the cubs had "camel races" in their sixes.
A fun and easy game

Till next Time
Keep Cubbing
Akela Joy

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