Friday, November 12, 2010

Asterix and Obelix - 12th November 2010

Asterix and Obelix are a favourite of many and today we joined in the fun with the Romans!
The Romans are coming - the Romans are coming !
GAME: In Battle (stuck in the mud)
An Asterix and Obelix are chosen and they must tag the Roman Soldiers.
Chariot Races are a lot of fun - but we need to know our knotting!
Revision Game: Cubs line up in their Sixes. On go, the first cub who is nominated, goes forward and ties the rope onto the tyre and brings the loose end back to the Six. One cub sits inside the tyre and is carried to the other side. First to the other side wins.

Our cubs love this game!

They could play for hours with these old tyres and rope!

It was time for Getafix to brew his magic potion for the cubs.

and everyone was able to taste this wonderful concoction!

Our Cheetahs doing their advancement!

Lions were finding out more about telling time...

... by the minute! ...

While the little Caracals were learning all about Conservation and what this big word means!

We have a wonderful Mother Helper who does home-schooling with her own children and she offered to bring along a book or two about recycling and saving energy which she read to the cubs whilst they coloured in.

The leopards learnt how to read a map.

It was then time for more fun!
so let the Gaulish attach begin

Leaders and Cub Instructors are Roman Guards. Cubs must try to creep up to the guards. The guards quickly look around and if they see a cub moving they are dead. Gauls must try and get past all the guards.

Poor old Carfophonics usually gets strung up a tree for his bad singing - but never mind we will all help him.
SINGING: Cubs are taught a new campfire song.
Always remember that Chiefs are very special people and they have their own transport.
RELAY GAME: Chief Vitalstatistix and his Shield
Cubs are divided into groups of 3. One cub is nominated as the Chief. Chief Vitalstatistix must be carried by his shield bearers to a point where the Chief is changed and they return to the starting point. All cubs get a chance to be the Chief.
It was a very special day - we invested 5 New Chums.
2 at the beginning of the meeting and 3 at the end.

A special welcome to all our new friends.....

... we hope that your stay with us will be long and fruitful.....

... not to mention full of fun ....

... lots of laughter ....
(we are having difficulty obtaining cub uniforms - hence the reason this young cub was invested in her school uniform).
....exceptional excitement .....

and during this time we hope that we are doing our best ...

to make you all proud cub scouts!

Congratulations to all of you!
Till next Time
Keep Cubbing
Akela Joy

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