Friday, November 26, 2010

Hand-crafted Name Tag


These stunning, hand-crafted name tags are individually made by a fellow Scouter from our Mpumalanga Provice. Help generate a small income for him by ordering yours now!

For collection: R40
Elsewhere in South Africa: R50
World wide : R60 plus postage costs
Currency Convertor: here
You may email me your order here
giving me full details of what you would like "engraved" on your name tag.
(No more than about 9 letters)
as well as your postal address.

all you need to do is enter my email address
and the final amount which I will advise,
and once your payment has been received, you ordered will be placed.

The name tag is approximately 5 cm long by 1 cm wide.

Delivery Time:
Up to 8 weeks from date of payment.
(remember they are personally hand crafted )

Take Care
Akela Joy


  1. Dear Akela Joy
    A couple questions when you say 60R, I assune you mean South Africa Rand know as ZAR on the conversion sites. Also when you try the link to order it sends a 404 error. Is there an email?
    As i would like to have they made for my scouts who will be leaving me and heading up to Ventures in the Summer. Hence would like to insure, and register the package. I was an army prat and know how much gets lost in the mail.

    Scouter Jocelyn
    112th Nepean, Vouguer Council, Ontario, Scouts Canada.

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