Friday, November 05, 2010

Fun with the Famous Five - 5th November 2010

We continue with our movie/book theme - and this week we spend time with the Famous Five on Kirrin Island!

The Famous Five are eager for adventure and have at last found the map to the castle dungeon on Kirrin Island. Join us as we explore and see what excitement we can unfold.

STEAM RELEASE GAME: Down in the Dungeon
Each cub is given a "dungeon map". This will lead each cub into 5 areas on the playing field. This will be their "Famous Five Team" for the meeting.

I know that the smugglers used the dungeon when they arrived on Kirrin Island - but let's snoop around and wee what we can find to build up an identikit of the smugglers.

SCAVENGER HUNT: Identify the Smugglers
In their teams, cubs must collect the following items to make up their identikit of the smugglers.
1. Paper plate
2. 2 x pipe cleaners for ears
3. Leaf for a mouth
4. Red rubies for the nose
5. 2 x blue stones for the eyes
6. Grass for hair.
Once the cubs have collected it all, they can sit in their teams and build their identikit.

Looking good!

Now we know that the smugglers have been around.... we have all been working so hard .... I think it is time for some gingerbeer ... let's meet in our favourite spot!

We had a special tree-house put up for us in Arrowe Park especially for this meeting. Unfortunately it decided to rain cats and dogs and we were unable to take the cubs to enjoy the outdoors.
Nevertheless, we are always prepared and we quickly changed our plans and let them sit in the scout's den for about 2 minutes whilst they drank their gingerbeer and biscuits!
It was just as exciting!

We all know that thos smugglers are very clever..... so let us also increase our brain power!

The Caracals learnt the Reef Knot

Whilst the Cheetahs discussed natural resouces...

and the Lions spoke about setting a Woodcraft Trail.

A lovely trail had been set out for the Lions to follow - but the weather had other ideas!

The Caracals also did a little bit of "telling the time".

Cubs are shown different activities on cards - going to bed, eating breakfast, walking to school, wshing dishes, etc. The cubs have to just say what time these activities happen.

This is just a basic introduction to time telling.

We have identified the smugglers - let's see if we can catch them now..
RELAY GAME: Target Teaser
Cubs line up in their teams. On go, the first cub will shoot - with a water pistol - at his target (tins on a bench) and wee which team can hit the most tins!
Because of the rain, we used ping pong balls and empty cold drink bottles.
We will need to call the police - the smugglers need to be taken away. I wonder if there is a reward for their capture.

GAME: Rounding up the Smugglers
Once cub is nominated as "the telephone caller" and another as "the police".
A third cub is the smuggler.
The telephone caller and police come up to the front. The policeman faces forward and does not look where the smuggler has hidden - but the caller has seen.
The telephone caller phones the police and gives exact directions where the smuggler is (hiding behind the pole on the left side of the hall). The police now has all the required information and goes looking for the smuggler.
The cubs LOVED this game...

Here "the policeman" looking for the smuggler..

.. of couse everyone wanted a chance ...

Have you all had fun - just like the adventures of the Famous Five?
Join us again next week for more cubbing escapades!
Till next Time
Keep Cubbing
Akela Joy

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